June 30, 2011

Wintering at Escuela La Crujia

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In the long, drearly months of Winter, at the Escuela we look on the bright side both in the house and in our gardens, we often welcoming our ‘Winter hibernators’!

We have welcomed a growing variety of hibernators to our humble abode.  For example, businessman from Canada, in Europe to concentrate on writing for one month.  It was a joy to have him, and we chatted about life in Canada, life in Spain, life in general and what’s it all about! And he liked it so much he even bought  a little piece of Andalusia of his own – a plot where he now intends to build his own paradise!

Or a delightful couple from Corwall in the  UK, who chose the ‘luxury’ of one of our double rooms with kitchen and bathroom, over their normal caravan stay!  They were with us for two months, happily getting involved in our rural lifestyle, feeding the hens, chatting to our guests as they came to visit, willingly helping us collect and cut wood for the woodburners, and enjoying many a pleasant evening around the open fireplace in the old school hall with a glass or several of Rioja! Our warmest regards to all our hibernators, such as Stephen,  Mike and Valerie, and our warmest thanks.

We welcome all Wintering hibernators and can offer you some fabulous long stay discount rates, so book soon!

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