August 9, 2011



One of the best ways of experiencing the true Spanish spirit in all its colourful, animated glory, is to visit some of the local ferias and fiestas. 

Feria de Malaga 2011

From the week-long Feria de Malaga with traditional daytime activities and nightime festivities, to trying out your ‘paso doble’ with a mass of heaving villagers in the village squares, you are guaranteed to have a great time.  This year, 2012, the dates have been set for 13th to 20th August.  To view activities, see the FERIA DE MALAGA website.

In many of the villages close to Escuela La Crujia enjoy very impressive celebrations, including free paella (and beer!) in the main square at lunchtime, open air concerts, dancing, flamenco shows, and fireworks.  Great too are the foam fiestas, such as the Feria del Agua in Alcaucin, where the streets are pumped with foam to the absolute delight of children and adults alike!

The large majority of fiestas take place in August, but do not worry, there is always a fiesta somewhere!  Most are religious festivals, on the Saint Day of the local village Santo.  In Vélez-Málaga our Saint is San Miguel (St Michael) and is celebrated at the end of September and lasts almost a week, for example 26th to 30th September 2011.  Come and enjoy!!

For more information about Ferias and Fiestas in our area, try this link:


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