November 20, 2011

Day trip to Lake Bermejales returning via Almuñecar

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This is a day trip for lovers of beautiful, unspoilt and spectacular countryside, devised to offer you a taster of real,  natural Spain in a round trip that you will not forget!From the Escuela, head to Alhama de Granada.  If you are not sure of the best way to reach Alhama de Granada,  follow the instructions given in my Day Trip to Alhama de Granada.  If you leave early, you will have time to have a coffee in the Plaza de la Constitución and peak over the walls to the deep gorge below, on the top of which perches this quirky, old fashioned little town.

From the lower square in Alhama next to the petrol station, take the road marked to Granada.  Around 3 or 4Kms outside the town, past the Balneario (spa), take the right hand turn marked Pantano de los Bermejales (Bermejales Reservoir).  Follow this beautiful road past almond groves and then pine trees, after a short while getting your first glimses of this magnificent reservoir.  When you reach the cobbled bridge over the damn, if you can, stop briefly in the middle or nearby and look over each side: on the reservoir side, the beautiful, still waters of this man-made glory and you will most likely see fishes swimming near the dam wall.  On the other, the huge, dramatic drop down to the river; note how here they generate electricity for the whole of the local area using hydro- electric generators.

Continue of over the bridge and into Bermejales village and take an early right hand turn signposted (BAR) MIRADOR, and you will reach “the beach”, right on the shores of the lake.  The mountain backdrop, often reflected in the water like a mirror, is one that has been photographed by many an awestruck tourist or country explorer, and it is certainly one to contemplate, as here nature is all around, and little sign of human presence is evident!  To the right is the Bar Mirador which (when open) is a great place to have a drink or a meal, contemplating this lovely corner of Andalusia.

Beyond Bermejales are several little towns and villages to explore and you can travel by car all around the lake, stopping at secluded beaches, rocky rivers and pretty pine forests.  We recommend you take a cooling dip in the lake, either at the Mirador or at any point takes your fancy.

When you are finally ready to move on, head down to the coast to end your day perhaps with an evening meal at one of the very pretty coastal towns of Granada province and be prepared to be amazed by the beauty of the route I am now going to take you on to get there!

Route to the coast:

From Bermejales village, at the bar El Cruce, turn right and follow the narrow road along the lakeside and past the campsite, where, by the way, there is also an excellent restaurant, and further pretty beaches.  After a few Kms, you will come to a crossroads.  Turn right in the direction of Fornes and Jayena and keep going along the road to Jayena, a small country town, and out the other side.  A little way out of town, take the road the Almuñecar.   You will be travelling through natural parkland all around you.  Allow time, and daylight, to make your way down this mountain road to the coast, because you’re really going to appreciate it!  The countryside is stunning, and with every turn of the road, a more inviting and beautiful landscape comes to view, with the eventual backdrop of the sparkling Mediterranean sea, glistening beyond the mountain pines, and beaconing the weary traveler towards its enchanting shores!

Almuñecar is a busy, lively town frequented mainly by ‘granadinos’ from the city looking to escape for weekends and holidays.  See this link for more about Almuñecar.

Sunset over La Herradura (from

From Almuñecar, take the A7 motorway in the direction of Malaga and come off at Km 272 for Velez-Malaga and home to the Escuela.  But for an evening meal not to be forgotten, come off at La Herradura, just past Almuñecar, and head down to the seafront.  Turn left and head to the furthest beach bar on the Eastern end of town, the magnicent Chambao de Joaquin.  Here, you can have a romantic meal by the lapping shoreline and watch the sun go down to the West, lighting up the waves of this enchanting horseshoe-shaped bay.  And as the sun is swallowed up, the twinkling lights of the town, its many beach bars and the Chambao de Joaquin will cast a magical atmosphere over this delightful little place, a perfect way to end your day!

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