May 22, 2012

Walking trees in Velez!

Walking trees in Velez!Walking trees in Velez!

At each end of a small tree-lined walkway near the town centre of Velez-Malaga, known as the Paseo de Andalucía, are what we generally call the “Walking trees” and they are certainly worth a look.

Our local town Velez-Malaga has some fabulous trees!  And at either end of the Paseo de Andalucía, you will see the magnificent “walking trees”.  We call them this not only because they are giant, imposing and magnificent, but because of their ability to let down new roots from the branches above, which grow slowly down to the ground and take root.  And so in theory, we say they could uplift their original roots and ‘move on’!!  Have a look at these photos of these wonderful, real-life “triffids”!!

And head for the Paseo de Andalucía during Fiesta time in Velez (especially September’s San Miguel festival) for plenty of flamenco dancing!  At any other time, enjoy a cool drink or a coffee on the Paseo at the bar to be found half way along.


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