October 8, 2012

El Torcal – a walk you will never forget!

El Torcal – a walk you will never forget!El Torcal – a walk you will never forget!

If you wish to experience the very best mountain walks with breathtaking views and amazing scenery, but without long, tiring uphill trecking for hours and hours, then pack a picnic and experience El Torcal!

Located between the towns of Villanueva de la Concepcion and Antequera, this amazing mountain top is like something you have never see before!  This land, once under the sea, was pushed upwards many thousands of years ago by tectonic plate movement, to form high mountains.  Erosion of the land gradually washed all the seabed mud and soft rock away, forming the fertile valley of Villanueva de la Concepcion, and leaving behind the inner, harder rock.  This harder limestone rock has taken on many strange forms, creating an alien, moon-like landscape that is totally fascinating.

It is easy to reach El Torcal and it is possible to drive right up to the Visitors Centre and park.  There is a restaurant, cafe and an exhibition explaining in detail  how this remarkable landscape was formed.  First, follow the signs to the Mirador (lookout point) and you will see all of the valley spread out before you, Southwards, as far as Malaga city.  Then, from the car park, follow one of the two walking routes around this amazing mountain top.  The green route is around 45 minutes, and the longer route, 2 hours’ walk – both are very memorable!  And on the home straight, at the end of both walks, take the right hand fork to the top of a flat rock ‘tabletop’ to see the amazing views, and look for the many large fossil imprints scattered around the rock.  Also, look UP!  You are bound to see huge eagles flying above you, ever watchful, and often amazingly close by!

A very memorable day out!

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