December 13, 2014

A great night’s sleep!

A great night’s sleep!A great night’s sleep!

We are delighted to offer you the very latest in relaxation technology with our new, super king size double beds in both of our double rooms.

The beds

Super king size, 185 x 190cm
The super thick, medium-firm mattresses incorporate 5 different layers of the latest in comfort technology, including a layer of visco-elastic that has been injected with particles of  “ICE” gel which regulate the temperature of the body during sleep, reducing that over-hot feeling and eliminating night sweating.  Inside the mattresses are two individual mattresses, meaning that you will never roll towards your partner unintentionally, and these spacious, super wide beds will give you both plenty of personal space to spread out comfortably!

The pillows

You will find two different, comfy pillows on your double bed.

– ‘Viscosoja’ pillows
These ultimate technology pillows adapt perfectly to your head and neck, permitting a perfect alignment of your head and spine during sleep. The aerated visco-elastic in these pillows has been treated in natural soya extracts and this gives a thermal regulating effect, with no heat from your body passing to the pillow, and hence offering you a fresher, easier sleep.

– Soft ‘SupportZone’ ball fibre pillows
Accompanying the Viscosoja pillows you will find a soft, fluffy  walled pillow offering a perfect support for your head and neck when sleeping on your front, with a 100% cotton cover.  Sleep with both these pillows, or choose the one that best suits you – and enjoy!

The sheets

Your sheets are made from top quality 100% cotton for a totally relaxing and luxurious sensation.  And underneath, between the under sheet and the mattress is a high technology, anti dustmite Tencel mattress protector, which acts almost as a second skin that breathes with you and keeps you, your sheets and the mattress fresh all through the night!

The duvets

If you are visiting us during the Winter months, slip into those cotton sheets and under a luxurious 100% natural fibre 13,5 Tog, anti allergenic, super soft duvet!  Made up of 15% duck down and 85% small whole white washed and treated duck feathers, the contents has been treated to the highest European OEKOTEX standards, with double stitching for total feather retention – quoted as being probably the healthiest way to sleep!

Night night, Sleep tight!

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