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<!--:en-->Day trip to Lake Bermejales returning via Almuñecar<!--:--><!--:en-->Day trip to Lake Bermejales returning via Almuñecar<!--:-->

Day trip to Lake Bermejales returning via Almuñecar

This is a day trip for lovers of beautiful, unspoilt and spectacular countryside, devised to offer you a taster of real,  natural Spain in a round trip that you will not forget!

<!--:en-->Day trip to Alhama de Granada<!--:--><!--:en-->Day trip to Alhama de Granada<!--:-->

Day trip to Alhama de Granada

This lovely town is totally trapped in time!  It still has very old fashioned little shops and lovely, crumbling buildings that look more central European than Southern Spanish!  Perched precariously on steep, deep ‘tajo’ (gorge), this is a most ‘visitable’, picturesque town, frequented by walking groups and curious tourists and well worth a day trip.



One of the best ways of experiencing the true Spanish spirit in all its colourful, animated glory, is to visit some of the local ferias and fiestas. 

<!--:en-->Wintering at Escuela La Crujia<!--:--><!--:en-->Wintering at Escuela La Crujia<!--:-->

Wintering at Escuela La Crujia

In the long, drearly months of Winter, at the Escuela we look on the bright side both in the house and in our gardens, we often welcoming our ‘Winter hibernators’!

<!--:en-->The gardens of the Escuela in Winter<!--:--><!--:en-->The gardens of the Escuela in Winter<!--:-->

The gardens of the Escuela in Winter

In ‘normal’ countries, you mow the lawn in the Spring and Summer.  Not here, as the growing season for grass is during the cooler months of Autumn and Winter.  And flowers abound, really appreciating the cooler weather!

Our nearest bars    Los bares más cercanosOur nearest bars    Los bares más cercanos

Our nearest bars Los bares más cercanos

At Escuela La Crujia, we have two excellent bars and restaurants, just a few minutes walk (and 2 mins in the car) from us.A tan solo unos minutos (5 andando, 2 en el coche) de la Escuela La Crujia, tenemos dos excelentes bar/restaurantes.

Playa del Cañuelo, a great beach for snorkelingPlaya del Cañuelo, a great beach for snorkeling

Playa del Cañuelo, a great beach for snorkeling

 As a beach, top marks, in our opinion!!

Quiet, secluded, and a snorkeling paradise!

Malaga restaurants, Bodegón El Pimpi

I stumbled across this wonderful old place with a friend when stolling through the narrow streets of the historic centre of Malaga and it’s well worth a visit!

Painting Courses

We are highly priviledged to be able to offer our clients the services of highly respected Dutch artist Renate Van Nijen, in the form of her One Day Workshop and One Week Inspiration in Andalusia painting course here at Escuela La Crujia.

<!--:en-->Stay in an Andalusian village<!--:--><!--:es-->Alojamiento en un pueblo andaluz<!--:--><!--:en-->Stay in an Andalusian village<!--:--><!--:es-->Alojamiento en un pueblo andaluz<!--:-->

Stay in an Andalusian villageAlojamiento en un pueblo andaluz


2 bed restored village house in Benamocarra

Experience living in the heart of a typical, white-washed Andalusian village, right amongst the locals, but in absolute comfort!

Casita de pueblo restaurada con 2 dormitorios

Experimenta el vivir en el centro de un pueblito blance típico andaluz, entre los residentes de toda la vida, pero en total confort.

A tan solo 7 minutos en coche desde la Escuela, se encuentra el pueblito pintoresco de Benamocarra.  Aquí os ofrecemos una casita tradicional de pueblo totalmente restaurada, en una calle tranquila en el corazon del pueblo.

La casa disfruta de una cocina/comedor amplio y moderno, con aire acondicionado, un saloncito con TV, y bañocon ducha, en la planta baja.

En la planta alta, un dormitorio con cama de matrimonio, armario y aire acondicionado, un dormitorio con 2 camas en litera, y un baño con ducha.  Y en la tercera planta, una terraza muy amplia con barbacoa y conexión de agua, y unas vistas muy bonitas

El aire acondicionado da aire fría y caliente.

El pueblo es muy pintoresco,

The village is very pretty, with many shops, bars and restaurants, and practically no foreigners!  And yet it is only a few minutes from Velez-Malaga town and the coast.

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