Life at the Escuela

A great night’s sleep!A great night’s sleep!

A great night’s sleep!

We are delighted to offer you the very latest in relaxation technology with our new, super king size double beds in both of our double rooms.

Working to make ELC beautiful!Working to make ELC beautiful!

Working to make ELC beautiful!

This Spring we are working hard to make the Escuela even nicer!

<!--:en-->Wintering at Escuela La Crujia<!--:--><!--:en-->Wintering at Escuela La Crujia<!--:-->

Wintering at Escuela La Crujia

In the long, drearly months of Winter, at the Escuela we look on the bright side both in the house and in our gardens, we often welcoming our ‘Winter hibernators’!

<!--:en-->The gardens of the Escuela in Winter<!--:--><!--:en-->The gardens of the Escuela in Winter<!--:-->

The gardens of the Escuela in Winter

In ‘normal’ countries, you mow the lawn in the Spring and Summer.  Not here, as the growing season for grass is during the cooler months of Autumn and Winter.  And flowers abound, really appreciating the cooler weather!



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