gardens in Spain

<!--:en-->Day trip to Alhama de Granada<!--:--><!--:en-->Day trip to Alhama de Granada<!--:-->

Day trip to Alhama de Granada

This lovely town is totally trapped in time!  It still has very old fashioned little shops and lovely, crumbling buildings that look more central European than Southern Spanish!  Perched precariously on steep, deep ‘tajo’ (gorge), this is a most ‘visitable’, picturesque town, frequented by walking groups and curious tourists and well worth a day trip.

<!--:en-->The gardens of the Escuela in Winter<!--:--><!--:en-->The gardens of the Escuela in Winter<!--:-->

The gardens of the Escuela in Winter

In ‘normal’ countries, you mow the lawn in the Spring and Summer.  Not here, as the growing season for grass is during the cooler months of Autumn and Winter.  And flowers abound, really appreciating the cooler weather!